Autistic Mom Loses Custody Of Her Two Autistic Girls 10 & 12 In San Diego,CA

AutisticsSurvive | July 16, 2009

Autism runs in our family but because I battle depression and anxiety to red flags for autism I am being mistreated in a cruel way. I am a great mom and made sure my girls were taken well care of and even helped heal there guts from bleeding with supplements and GF diets. I am now forced to live without my precious girls since April 17th,09 and all they want is to come home. Our social services need reform badly. My girls need there momma and there medical needs are not being met. I am clinging onto prayer knowing Jesus knows what kind of mother I am as a autistic adult,he blessed me with these children. Autism isn’t easy to live with but I raised them all there life alone and my oldest who is 25 and neurotypical. God please let there be justice in this cruel world for autistic families. I love you my sweet girls and I will get you back. To see my other videos search AUTISTICSSURVIVE and judge for yourselves. We are family,were just all Autistic. The bible say’s to love one another this is his greatest commandment. Pray for us!! Linda,Montanna and Shellbe Souza

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1 Response to Autistic Mom Loses Custody Of Her Two Autistic Girls 10 & 12 In San Diego,CA

  1. Justice 4 Kids says:

    San Diego CPS is a government-backed terrorist organization that uses children as pawns to earn a living by lying, abusing, and violating families.

    Torture of the Wade Family by San Diego CPS

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