Dad sues Doctors over “dangerous’ autism treatment

March 4, 2010 – Controversial Autism Treatment At Center Of Custody Battle Steven Tanner writes: Chicago dad James Coman sued the doctors who treated his 7-year-old son for autism, claiming they harmed him with “dangerous and unnecessary experimental treatments,” according to the Chicago Tribune. Divorce court records cited by the Tribune claim the boy’s mother is a proponent of the therapies. Full article on the Chicago Tribune Website.

The treatments Coman’s son received are also the subject of a bitter divorce and custody battle between Coman and his wife. She has been a proponent of the therapies for the boy, according to divorce court records.
What I find particularly disturbing are the facts and how they are a pattern we can all recognize in custody battles.

  • · Divorce court records cited by the Tribune claim the boy’s mother is a proponent of the therapies.
  • James Coman and his son were featured last year in “Dubious Medicine,” a Tribune series that examined risky, unproven treatments for autism based on questionable science. The media loves this sort of controversy. They feed right into it without researching the facts. If your child has autism, you will be desperate to find a way to help them. DAN doctors are sought out, and other therapeutic services are paid for out of pocket, such as NAET therapy for cleansing heavy metals in the system. Lawyers and people in the media have no idea how challenging this is for parents. They have no idea how costly this is, and it gets better. Parents will very often try the SCD diet, the GFCF diet, etc. incurring huge debt for the expensive ingredients. What moms get for that is “Father Sues” and a painful custody battle.
  • family-practice physicians Dr. Anjum Usman of Naperville and Dr. Daniel Rossignol of Melbourne, Fla. — are prominent in the Defeat Autism Now! movement, which promotes many of the alternative treatments the Tribune scrutinized.
  • Coman alleged in Cook County Circuit Court that Usman and Rossignol prescribed “medically unnecessary and unjustified” chelation treatments, designed to force the body to excrete toxic metals, even though the child did not suffer from heavy metal poisoning. The treatments carry a risk of kidney failure, the lawsuit alleges.
  • Rossignol prescribed these treatments solely over the phone, having never seen the child in person, according to the lawsuit.
  • Coman’s son was found to have elevated levels of lead, aluminum, tin and mercury — some with results Doctor’s Data listed in the “90 percent range of metal contamination,” according to the lawsuit.

I guess I can find comfort that the doctor was sued, and not the mother. How many mothers were alleged to be suffering from Munchausen’s By Proxy Syndrome, and only because they are they support the therapeutic services for their children with autism? If you were hurt by this scandalous behavior of fathers in denial, please let your voice be heard.

Mrs. Coman, please tell us how you feel!

warriormom writes on the ChicagoNow website – Even the Tribune decided to ‘take a side’ in an autism divorce battle by showcasing James Coman’s lawsuit with two doctor’s and the testing company, alleging that they harmed his son with “dangerous and unnecessary experimental treatments”. The treatments Coman’s son received are the subject of a bitter divorce and custody battle between Coman and his wife. I think the real story here is much simpler than the Trib made it out to be…with the title being something more like “Divorce gets messy; father sues doctors in order to smear mother and get custody”. That may be a bit closer to what appears to be going on with this particular family. If those treatments were so ‘horrendous’, than why would he agree to them as a parent? Additionally, earlier in the article, he describes his son as an ‘playful, funny, and outgoing’. Hmmm….sounds like a child in recovery from ‘autism’ to me most likely in part to his mother and ‘those’ doctors. – According to Jim Coman, the only way to stop those treatments was to take his wife to court. While both parents confirmed that the courts ordered the treatments to stop, they don’t agree why it was ordered. Coman contends the court ordered the treatments to cease because he believes they are doing harm to his son.

The biomedical and conventional treatments are only the beginning of a long list of issues the couple is working on resolving. The Comans continue to live under the same roof but barely speak to each other while the couple leaves the decision for the courts to decide what treatments and therapies are best for their son. The stress of divorce and daily living may not be the best fit for the children who are caught in the middle of an ongoing struggle between adults.

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2 Responses to Dad sues Doctors over “dangerous’ autism treatment

  1. Justice 4 Kids says:

    As a whole, the medical profession has little consensus what causes autism. It’s no wonder the parents have trouble agreeing about what to do if they are divorcing. Nobody should be losing time with their kids unless a jury of peers agrees unanimously that a parent has done something seriously damaging to the children. Disagreements over treatments for autism probably will never fall into that category as a rational person not driven by greed or anger could see there is reason for confusion about what to do.

    It’s particularly sickening that there is a lot of evidence that basic nutritional deficiencies and widespread contamination of foods with heavy metals (thanks to the liars in FDA!) may be a factor in so many people suffering from autism.

    Nutritional Problems May Lead to Higher Risk of Autism

  2. Mark Weaver says:

    Jim Coman is the biggest prick I’ve ever had the displeasure of working with.

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