Scott and Ashley Jackson, Preventing Divorce by Tackling Autism

Scott and Ashley Jackson are hoping to tackle the high divorce rate among couples with special needs children by providing parents with a “date night.”

The couple started the Tackling Autism Foundation in order to bring parents of special needs children closer together. Once a month, the organization chooses some deserving parents to participate in the Timeout for Two program. Through the program, parents of autistic children are able to have a night out while their children stay with a Texan behavioral therapist. This is a benefit for autistic children and parents alike.

“This is a good time to just kind of sit back and relax with your wife and remember before all this happened, you were friends, you fell in love, you got married,” Scott Jackson told Fox News.

Although I love the idea of “Time Out for Parents of Autistic Children” it is too little, too late for parents fighting for custody. Ask any of those parents if they ever attended a support meeting together. Most often, the answer is no. And worse: “he wouldn’t allow me to go to those functions”.  Fathers in denial will put up a tough fight to preserve the family name, claiming there is nothing wrong with the kid. If you dispute the autism to begin with, you never do arrive to support groups, date nights, and time outs for parents.

Scott and Ashley Jackson, can you help single parents fighting for custody, too?

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