Leading Feminist Attorney Barry Goldstein Suspended for Ethical Violations

BARRY GOLDSTEIN, attorney, teacher, author and advocate for women abused by their partner (and too often the courts) has written a book for women seeking to leave their abusers and for their friends, family, supporters and advocates. SCARED TO LEAVE AFRAID TO STAY Paths From Family Violence to Safety tells the story of ten women as they left their abusers seeking a better life. The book shows in these abuse cases how courts handle legal issues such as orders of protection, custody, visitation, support, marital property and criminal prosecutions. It tells about the resources available for women seeking to leave their abuser.

If you would like to contact Barry L. Goldstein, his email address is Barryg78@aol.com You can read more about his book on his website http://www.barrygoldstein.net

Isn’t it sad that the court continues the abuse using a system that is failing the very ones we seek to protect? This phenomenon has spread across the nation. Parents disagree over the needs of their child. They fight about it. They cannot resolve it. Mother petitions for custody. Father gets custody. The purpose of this bizarre practice is to enrage the mother into pouring money into the legal system. By angering a mother enough, the lawyers can safely predict a 3-5 year custody battle in the courts, which ensures a comfortable retirement for themselves.

Rightsformothers blog author recently posted a link to Jimmy Carter speaking about violation of women’s rights. http://rightsformothers.com/2010/07/05/jimmy-carter-religion-is-one-of-the-basic-causes-of-violations-of-womens-rights/ you might want to check out this video clip.

If you speak up, you will get your mouth shut and your head chopped off, just like Barry Goldstein.

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1 Response to Leading Feminist Attorney Barry Goldstein Suspended for Ethical Violations

  1. Justice 4 Kids says:

    This wrongful banning of contact and financial pillaging isn’t just happening to mothers, it happens to many good fathers, too.

    Sexism is not the central problem. Pushing the gender/sexism angle to the forefront is what the scum who drive these conflicts do to pit their enemies, people who are good and loving parents of both sexes, against each other. They do this to ensure that family law will continue to be a cesspool of corruption and crime from which they can make lucrative livings.

    Gender Polarization Impedes Family Law Reform

    Polarizing family law problems along gender lines serves the purposes of those who would like to perpetuate the tragedies of today long into the future. The polarization pushed by “gender rights” groups balkanizes those who oppose the current system. It serves the divide and conquer tactics of the power-elite in government and lobbying groups who conspire with them. These groups are happy to pit men and women against each other in a fight to the death over child custody.

    The government and lobbying groups that interfere with family law reform regard divorce as a sort of financial equivalent to the energy output of nuclear fission. Break apart an atom by fission and you get some energy. Break apart lots of atoms and you get a chain reaction that might blow up a lot more than just the decomposing atoms.

    Likewise, breaking apart lots of families releases large stores of cash. The people behind are often “irradiated” severely, leading to long term ruination by psychological, emotional, and financial devastation. Others are figuratively incinerated by the nuclear divorce blast. Both outcomes are desirable for many judges, lawyers, CPS social workers, police, psychologists, and collection workers who comprise the divorce, domestic violence, and child support industries. That’s because the destruction of children and families helps ensure their financial security by sucking the lifeblood out of families. Additional revenues are gained by hocking off the pieces of what remains after mommy and daddy have repeatedly shot each other with legal bullets for several years and the children have had holes blasted in their souls by the conflict.

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