Warning Signs for Bribery of the Family Court Judge in a Custody Case

All over the world, poor people are denied access to legal representation or family support because they cannot bribe the corrupt CPS worker or prosecutor, then held indefinitely in a custody battle—or found guilty—because they cannot bribe the corrupt judge. The ability to put cash in the right hands often makes the difference between freedom and entrapment for victims of abuse of the judicial system.

Judge Garson accepted $1,000 and a box of cigars

Caught on viedotape: Judge Garson accepted $1,000 and a box of cigars from Paul Siminovsky, a divorce lawyer who regularly fraternized in Garson’s chambers

“The poor need legal aid, not pressure to pay bribes. They need proof that
everyone is equal before the law.”
— Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg

Warning Signs of Bribery of the Family Court Judge in a Custody Case

1 – If you tell any court appointment worker about sexual abuse and you lose custody to your abuser, then you know that your CPS worker or Lawyer or Law Guardian involved in child trafficking Rings.  They will bribe the courts to give custody to the batterer and then use the children for their child trafficking rings.   In the case of Alanna Krauss, the child was begging to live with the mother for fear of Domestic Violence, which was ignored. In the case of Amy Neustein, the mother repeatedly reported sexual abuse to the attorneys, Judge Deutsch, and Ohel local division for children’s services in Brooklyn NY. Her please were ignored.

Media Links:

Example One: Nancy Shaefer exposes Childrens Protective Service CPS as pedophiles in the system.  (Former State Senator of Georgia and her husband Bruce were found brutally killed)

Example Two: Famed Child Psychiatrist Dr. William Ayers retained by the court for forensic evaluations enjoyed years of trust in the courts until he was exposed as a pedophile. His victims testified after years of believing they must submit to his rigorous ‘treatment’ by order of the courts.

2- Your Family, Friends, and supporters are not allowed into the courtroom.  Even if the family court is open to the public and media, the very people you will want in the courtroom are thrown out by the judge. This is because they do not want anyone to believe your bizarre story about what went on in there. When you tell people, they will say you are making it up. This gives them the freedom to order you around without having to answer to your supporters.

3- It feels like the judge already knows what he needs to order without you even opening your mouth. If you walk into the courtroom with a list of evidence and documentation, they will not hear you out. They will not let you submit your documentation or evidence. Ever wonder why?  Even if you show mind-blowing information, if they don’t take it from your hands, they didn’t have to enter it into the case thus not hearing you out.

4 – The CPS worker or Law Guardian testifies that the Mother appears to have mental health issues. Note: they are not mental health professionals and have no legal right to make allegations, ye the judge will hear them out without a doctor’s evaluation report citing your mental illness. Furthermore, the alleged mental illness is enough to pass custody over to the father. Again, nobody ever got proof of your mental illness. May times it’s left off at “friends and neighbors say she is nuts”.

5 – Judge taking out large sums of money in the form of property loans and later paying them back is one method that a judge might employ to conceal the fact that he or she is being enriched from an outside source. When a judge’s income is inadequate to serve as the source of loan repayments, it is likely that the funds are coming from somewhere else.

6- Cronyism leads to liars appointed as forensic evaluators. You are not entitled to your report. You don’t understand how your meeting with the evaluator turned into a negative blast-fest in the courtroom, while you listen in horror. NY TIMES “Though they have been around for years, court-appointed forensics have become increasingly commonplace — and controversial — in New York, which may be the high-conflict custody capital of the nation.”

7 – You are deemed to be an unfit parent, had your parental rights stripped of you, without a  conviction before a jury of peers.  Oftentimes, this is a temporary ruling based on “urgency” of the testimony of the CPS ACS worker in the courtroom.  Unequal custody rulings by a single judge are wrong and you have a constitutional right to have a trial by jury.  By then, though, they will not hear you out because by the time they schedule it, the children have been with the father for so long, the court will prefer to keep that as a status quo. This is done on purpose.  “Psychologists are included in the slander process through court ordered “evaluation” of the psyches of family members, turning legal matters into alleged psychological problems, and defamation of character by these alleged “professionals” who oblige the courts’ requests for their services.”

8- You feel like the reason your case keeps being adjourned is not for fact finding but for prolonging litigation thereby lining the pockets of the professionals of the system. “Courts and evaluators sit in passive judgment, yet rarely render guidance. Evaluators are scientifically incapable of identifying the “better” parent-yet earn millions from desperate parents by pretending they can. Attorneys rarely end conflict, but regularly use courts to encourage litigation, absorb resources, and harm their clients, children, and community.”

9 – Your free legal aid lawyer asks you for “money on the side”. You drop the lawyer. Your mess gets worse in court.

10 – You take the kids to the law guardian for an interview, or the CPS worker arrives to your home. In either case, they already have a pre-formed character opinion on you. You might even see the law guardian look at his notes as he already has a file of information on you. Whatever you say makes no difference. They already know you are “mentally ill” and will say that in court. The visit or appointment is just a formality for record keeping. Even if you sit in silence they already know what they will do with you in court.


If anything like this has happened to you or is currently happening. Wake up! It’s true and it’s happening nationally across America in the Family Courts we turn to for “justice”. If we can join hands and make light of what is happening, we stand a chance of ending this corruption.

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4 Responses to Warning Signs for Bribery of the Family Court Judge in a Custody Case

  1. JRKmommy says:

    Before jumping to the conclusion of bribery, it is vital to review any concerns with an experienced lawyer.

    Law and legal procedure is different in every jurisdiction, but I can think of cases where some of these elements were present and there was no bribery.

    Reports of sexual abuse: CPS has a duty to investigate complaints. However, if the concerns are not verified, the file will be closed. While many allegations are legitimate, I have seen false allegations due to mental illness, substance abuse, paranoia or extreme control issues (including some made by fathers – in one case, a father from a culture that was culturally oppressive to women became convinced that his wife must be cheating because she dared to get a cell phone, and then he became convinced that his wife must be a prostitute and his children therefore facing rape from her (non-existant) customers, to the point that he demanded that they undergo vaginal examinations. Everyone, including the daughters, was horrified by his behavior and he now has a restraining order against him.)

    2. Find out the rules about who is allowed in the courtroom ahead of time. Some proceedings are NOT open to the general public. In other situations, potential witnesses are excluded from hearing any other part of the court proceeding. Minor children are frequently excluded as well. Until the actual trial, no one is allowed to give oral evidence, so friends and family can do nothing in court aside from moral support. Also – find out ahead of time if the proceeding is “on the record” (motions are, some types of case conferences are not). If it is, you can order a transcript.

    3. This is actually common procedure. All evidence must be submitted, in writing, ahead of time in any motion. Again – use a lawyer, and know something about the rules for court procedure. Forget what you see on TV – you simply cannot presented evidence at the last moment to the judge. Documents must be served on the other side and filed with the court by a certain deadline, in order to allow the judge to read the material ahead of time. Since the judge will have already read the material, they will often come out with certain ideas, cut off submissions and ask pointed questions.

    4. You are right that mental health evaluation needs to be done by qualified mental health professionals. In my experience here, very little weight is placed on friends and family saying “she’s nuts”. That said, evidence of troubling behavior can be given.

    Court-appointed evaluators: Again, things are different in different areas. Where I practice, reports are either done through a separate government agency (at little or no cost to parents, evaluators are either government employees or receive a set stipend), or by a private evaluator chosen by both sides. With private evaluators, the CVs are exchanged in advance. There is a disclosure meeting just prior to the written report being delivered, with both parties present with lawyers. Everyone gets a copy of the final report.

    Adjournments: Extremely frustrating, but also extremely common. Lawyers here are expected to consent to 1 or 2 reasonable requests. Some judges will refuse to adjourn more than 3 times without having the lawyers appear before them and explain why it is necessary.

    Legal aid: Find out your rights from the legal aid office. Some extra payments are illegal.

    Social workers/CPS, etc.: Yes, of course they will already have information in a file. That’s normal. It is not a reason to conclude that your case is hopeless. I’ve had many cases where things turned around after meetings with parents, or additional information from outside sources. On the other hand, accusing the worker of bias or receiving bribes right off the bat is a sure-fire way to be accused of paranoia.

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  3. Dayna says:

    So what are the steps necessary when you suspect bribery has taken place? What should you do if you don’t have endless funds to play with?

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