Heartbreaking Video of Autistic Girls Crying to Mom from Foster Care Home

From Mom’s Webpage:
My poor autistic daughter is not non-verbal but as you can hear very hard to understand her and especially when she is very upset like here. All due to later I found out a ADULT in the home was physically abusing her. She was shoved into the stairs after she accidentally let their dog out as her punishment. Then when she came to another visit she had human teeth marks embedded in her arm, she told the social worker supervising the visit as well as I she was bitten by (Lola) a adult aunt living in the home. I had pleaded crying to him not to return my daughter their she was placed back in the home for a 3 more day’s until placed in a center for children without homes. She was explaining here to me all she wanted was to see her service dog Lily Mae and snuggle with me and Montanna her older sister she’s been separated from. Not much to ask for when your autistic and NEVER suffered this kind of horrific abuse in your own home~!!! All due to the fact I have Aspergers an have battled some depression but have raised all 3 of my girls ALONE after my divorces. I have a neuro-typical daughter 25 so yes I do know what I am doing as all 3 of my girls are respectful,giving and have great morals. This has become a huge case of discrimination against my autism but I am so high functioning the regional center won’t qualify me as a client because of it. Social services though thinks I function to low to care for kids I have all my life. I know more and can empathize with my girls as I suffer the same things. Social services doesn’t want to be educated on something I understand better then them. Channel 10 out of San Diego say’s they are airing our story along with many others since I uncovered this story of ( 33 ) children dying in foster care here in this county between 2000-2007 for medical neglect and because my daughter needs a special wheat free/gluten free diet she was on 5 yrs. prior to state’s care because the wheat made her very sick her gut would bleed and she’d vomit and now she is doing both again. These kids won’t die in vain until I exploit social services and what their doing to ALL are kids. Please watch all my youtube videos by searching AutisticsSurvive as their are many before foster care and since. My girls were raised in a christian home and need and want their mother. Please sign my petition as well. May GOD bless us all.

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5 Responses to Heartbreaking Video of Autistic Girls Crying to Mom from Foster Care Home

  1. Ella says:

    this child needs some Social Stories to help her understand and cope with the situation, as talk will not help her fully comprehend or cope with it. Get someone who is experienced with making Social Stories.
    Poor thing.

  2. skazm says:

    isn’t there a way you can talk to a community leader? put secret video cameras?

  3. livewriter2000 says:

    This story makes me so sad. I’m sorry this is happening.

  4. Patrice Livingston says:

    I have ASD and am very high functioning. I have had my 14 year old daughter taken from me and told I am mentally ill – and need to be supervised because I get “wound up”. I have no criminal actvity, substance abuse or other difficulties beyond being exploited mercilessly by the other side and the vicious attorneys. Obviously, even with expert witness testimony about ASD – the court learned nothing. There is not statute to suspend visitation or require supervision when I am not deemed a danger, was my daughter’s primary attachment figure, she prefers to be with me, and even if you classify ASD as a mental illness (which it is NOT – it is a neurological disorder) there is NO law that says you can take a parents child from them because of it!

    • Linda Souza says:

      Patrice, I’d love to talk with you as I want to form some kind of group to make a law for nobody to discriminate against people like us and it can be done we must just band together. E-mail me if you will. What state are you in ? Here is my contact info Spoiledbrats3@hotmail.com this is so wrong and I am going to figure a way to be heard~!!!

      Blessings, Linda Souza

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