Autism Spectrum kids literal speech and language can make you lose custody

When consulting with a speech and language pathologist you should always use a therapist that specializes in spectrum kids with pragmatic issues. They know best how to work these issues out. What’s sad is that in family court, when dealing with child custody issues, they will pretend a child with autism can express his or her wishes about the custody arrangement and then they will frequently take words out of context. It is not accepted that a spectrum child is very literal and may say things for different reasons than expected. Suppose the child knows that on Wednesday, Daddy takes him to speech therapy. So if you ask him on a Wednesday who he wants to live with, he will say Daddy! The courts will NOT accept your plea that the child’s testimony should be disregarded.

Below is a note that my son wrote to me after we were separated when the court ordered me out of the house and away from the children. When he saw me the first time after a few days and visitations began, this was the first thing he gave me.

It reads: “Dear mommy, I would like to have more and more hugs” (misspelled)

To me, this was so touching, the child literally wants to be near me all the time. Now, what if a court ordered psychologist sees this. They have a right to make their opinion become law! Suppose they read it and say, oh, this means the mother never hugs the child.

Oh well. The brutality of how court ordered evaluators and psychologists can hurt your children so much in family court.

Highly recommended Speech and Language Therapists in NY

StrivRight – The Auditory School of New York

Frank Lorusso, MS
5804 17th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11204

Debra Reisberg
5804 17th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11204
(732) 297-0292

Perri Hecht Speech and Auditory Services
995 East 21st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Phone: (718) 377-3783
Fax Number: (718) 377-5659

A helpful tip: children with cochlear implants have excellent speech therapists who work with auditory processing issues. Those are the therapists you want for your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

In this video Linda Hodgdon discusses how speech therapy can help students with autism.

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4 Responses to Autism Spectrum kids literal speech and language can make you lose custody

  1. livewriter2000 says:

    This is very interesting. I know my daughter would not want to hurt anyone’s feelings or she would be scared and just give the answer that whoever asked of her wanted to here. If she is under pressure and being asked questions the answer will not be accurate or truthful.

  2. Dena says:

    Oh gosh. My heart goes out to you that you were separated from your kids. I can’t think of anything worse.
    Hugs from afar.

  3. It makes me sad that children are put in the middle whether they have Autism or not. I am so sorry you and your child have to go through this. I cannot imagine.

  4. Ashley says:

    My son will repeat anything. He was being trained to say “I want daddy” and “I love Pensacola” where he lived with his father. I have just lost custody of my non-verbal Autistic 8 year old son, because I “uprooted” him when I fled my domestic Violence situation after 7 years of abuse. I had video of my husband using cocaine and photos of his drug use and I have still lost my child 09-02-2010. It seems to have much to do with which county has jurisdiction over my child. The little disabled boy is profitable for the county, so there he will remain ripped away from me!

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