Sarah Palin Call for Mama Grizzlies in November 2010 Elections

Sarah Palin is building her image as a fiercely independent mom who isn’t going to stand by and let the government run her down. Her political action committee, Sarah PAC, is out with its first campaign video of the year. Titled “Mama Grizzlies,”  and the aim is broader: to inspire people to join the movement, hoping to generate a list of supporters who could be very valuable for a potential run for national office.

I am a proud Mama Grizzly!

I have written to Sarah PAC about my Mama Grizzly campaign, read below:

First of all, thank you for the amazing opportunity to be heard! My name is X and I am a mother of four amazing children, two of them have Autism.  We are in New York.

All across America, mothers are losing custody of their children in family court, losing it to their abusive spouses. In the most emotionally charged cases because of Autism, the courts least understand how to rule in those situations. From what I have researched, fathers are in denial and appeal to the courts that the mother is dragging the child around for unnecessary therapeutic services, upsetting the children.  For the “safety” of the children, the father is given custody.

If this phenomenon scares you, know that many doctors and lawyers are validating my statements. I am putting all of my research on this blog and have sadly quite the following.

Mothers are crying for your help. We need the court officers to be educated, or to allow the experts into the courtroom.

We need a law that forces parents to follow the Board of Educations recommendations on the IEP. The Board of Ed has professionals doing evaluations. The IEP shouldn’t just be a recommendation, it should be a law. If a child with autism has a recommendation for 30 hours of Special Ed each week, the parents should be forced to comply.

Please help us help our children. We are strong, we can do it. If God gave us these children, it is because He knows we can handle it. But we need laws to protect them.

In June 2010 the New York State Senate passed the S7000B insurance law that makes all Autism testing and services covered by insurance. This law only enables thousands of New York families to receive the benefit of evidence based, clinically proven interventions and treatments for autism spectrum disorders, like Applied Behavior Analysis therapy (ABA), as well as screening and diagnostic services.

It is a “better-than-nothing” law, and we need more. We need more laws, and we need to modify this a bit, more like the A6888.

I have a following of moms who are bursting at the seams, waiting to be heard. We have ideas, we have the passion, and we have the intellect.

And many of us no longer have custody of our innocent children.

SarahPAC P.O. Box 7711 Arlington, VA 22207
(202) 747-1812 Email:

If you are in support of this cause, let your voice be heard. Join the herd and comment below. Don’t forget to check both boxes so that you can be notified when a new post is made.

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3 Responses to Sarah Palin Call for Mama Grizzlies in November 2010 Elections

  1. melissa says:

    kids should be able to get the help that they need and qualify for, in the long run it will make a big difference in their lives; especially for high functioning children on the spectrum, if a child can get the help that they need when they are young they will be able to become self reliant adults.

  2. Sandy says:

    Go Grizzleys! I’m proud of you. I also believe that families that are caring for special needs children at home could benefit from a support system utilizing phones and experienced volunteers or personnel. This may be available through support groups but they are not universally available.

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