CPS Fails at Detecting Domestive Violence

Domestic violence is present in at least one-third of the families involved in child protective services (CPS). Yet, until recently, CPS has not directly addressed domestic violence in its handling of child abuse and neglect cases.  In recognition of the connection between domestic violence and the risk of harm to children,

CPS agencies in a number of states have begun collaborating with state and local domestic violence programs to develop strategies for addressing domestic violence.


The domestic violence movement began less than 30 years ago in order to provide safety to battered women because public institutions were not doing so. The criminal justice system did not treat domestic violence as a crime. Batterers were not being held accountable for their abuse. Some battered women and their advocates viewed CPS as yet another public institution that blamed battered women for the harm their batterers caused to their children.

Historically, when domestic violence was identified, CPS workers have often misunderstood its dynamics and held battered mothers responsible for ending it.  If the mother wouldn’t leave the situation, the children would be removed from the mother.

CPS workers only have a few mandatory hours of Domestic Violence training. They don’t have the expert training to recognize the subtle emotional and behavioral signs on children in such horrific situations, emotional abuse and psychological abuse in particular. The CPS worker will fall right into the trap of believing the manipulative persuasive abuser and fail to realize how the victims are protecting the abuser.


If you are involved in a CPS investigation, ask the worker on the first visit to please bring in a Domestic Violence worker. Until they don’t bring one, you don’t have to allow them in. The DV workers are trained to pick up on children who were manipulated. This is to your advantage.

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5 Responses to CPS Fails at Detecting Domestive Violence

  1. Cecilia Wilkins says:

    I made this mistake, letting the Social Worker into my apartment…he was very prejudiced in favor of my son’s father at the outset and my attempts to make a good impression were not successful…pathetic and futile is the best description. This was 26 years ago however so maybe things were different back then and no domestic violence trained personnel even existed. My former husband’s attorney even insinuated that my report of attempted rape and subsequent Grand Jury hearing for the police report were engineered to assure my continued sole custody status with our son. This tactic was extremely unnerving in the court custody hearing as anyone could imagine. In the end my son even said that he couldn’t believe that after the judge heard this testimony from me when questioned about it one day in the court room, that this did not convince the judge of his father’s unfit nature for custody. He said it in the context that he could never accept that my accusations of his father’s attempt to rape me were well-founded. Unfortunately he was only 3 years old when he jumped on his father’s back and hit him in the back of his head with a large metal truck toy to “defend” me from his father’s enraged attack over an increase in child support to cover his son’s daycare expense. Of course he could not remember the episode when his step-mother told him about it when he was 20 years old. Unfortunately, she brought it up when my abusive former husband, who had won custody of our son, some 13 years before, decided to run for the school board president position, after the step children and our son had graduated from highschool. His savvy opponent, also an attorney like himself, uncovered the attempted rape incident in court/police files and ambushed him on the evening news by having a female talkshow host question him about the incident in depth in front of all of Dallas to see. At least, my going to the police over the attempted rape, did serve to keep, in my mind, an “unfit father” from being elected to that president position. I suppose I should send a congratulatory letter to the man or woman who defeated him. I wish I had been as smart as that and had succeeded in maintaining continued custody of our only child, a young man whom I am almost certain suffers from something like if not in fact that, called Asberger’s Syndrome. I pray for him daily and am at last grateful that his father supports him almost totally and extremely well and has paid for his successful college education. In spite of his nature, he did make certain that our son was educated and supported him financially until he earned a college degree in his field to impress his father. For this great gift, I am eternally grateful to God but will never forgive his father for taking his and my only child away from me. The Judge insisted that because of his intelligence, education, accomplishments, affluence, and wealth coupled with a stay-at-home new wife, he was better equipped to raise our son than me as a single mother working at a government job. All the tears I cried over this outrage have long since dried up and through the years I tried to convince myself that if “I could just grow up” the pain would go away. Even, that train of thought has not completely worked so I am ready to join the next march on Washington if I can just manage to find the finances. Surely, this will be effective as it has been successful in the past over social injustices and has managed to further our great country along the path of a new understanding of issues that were OUTRAGEOUSLY and life-shatteringly unjust. Slavery and descrimination come to mind and will always standout as an example, for the most part, although with some very tragic and inhuman acts, that God can forgive but I cannot ever as they are so hideous and heartbreaking, as peaceful demonstrations by severely affected fellow human beings and contributing members/citizens of one and same country.

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