What Fathers Do With Nursing Babies After Getting Custody

To think of a nursing baby wailing in the night for some human contact and motherly connection (it’s not about the milk), and then think of a father not hearing the baby’s cries, now that’s too depressing. But then, think about the daytime. Think about the baby waking up in the morning, only to be given bread and eggs like the rest of the family. What about that morning feeding, the best time in the day when baby cuddles in your bed and dozes off, and you have that extra hour from 6:00 to 7:00 in the morning to finish up that dream that you interrupted…

And then you think to yourself, it must be that Mr. Mom grew breasts. Wasn’t that always his dream? Snatch the kids from the mother, feed them and bathe them? Now, he can add breastfeeding to his resume.

In the Talmud, there is the following true story. “It happened with one man whose wife died and left him a nursing child, he was so poor that he could not pay a wet-nurse. A miracle happened to him; his breasts opened and he nursed his child.” Said R. Joseph: Come and see how great the man must have been that such a miracle was wrought for him. Said Abayi to him: On the contrary, Behold how bad the man must have been that the nature of mankind changed in him and nothing occurred to enable him to earn enough money to pay a nurse. Says R. Jehudah: Come and see how hard it is for heaven to change the fate of a man concerning his livelihood, that the nature of the world was changed, but not his fate. Said R. Na’hman: It is proven by this fact that a miracle occurred, but he was not provided with means for paying a wet-nurse. (source)

Now, are we smarter than those wise Rabbis? Can you top that argument?

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2 Responses to What Fathers Do With Nursing Babies After Getting Custody

  1. EJ Perth says:

    Thank you for posting this, very insightful!

    On a personal note..I so needed to hear this. Whenever the father of my Baby gets mad, he threatens to take the baby..he thinks breast feeding is of no significance and he an simply get a bottle. This is my worst nightmare. I fear if I leave him alone with the Baby he will run off (b/c of what he says). Reading this post was the relief I needed today…

  2. Jon says:

    Why do the women that post on this site hate men so much???? I am sorry but just because a woman can give birth that does not make her a mother. Not every woman has the mothering instinct or wants to breastfeed. In my case I was the one that fed my daughters, got up in the middle of the night,changed their diapers and took care of her other kids. It would be nice if people would stop stereotyping and share their personal stories to help all parents that are in tough situations instead of trying to make it seem like all men are evil. Not that it seems like anyone would care, but there a million sites where women bash men in these situations and it is nearly impossible for a loving, caring Father to get any help or advice. I thought it was about the children not spreading hatred.

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