CPS fails at escalating a case, assigning an ACS Autism Expert to investigate allegations on Autism maltreatment

Maltreatment with Autism is consistently being minimized by CPS case workers. The reason this is happening, is because the law suggests that the worker bring in a trained expert in the case, should the worker find it necessary.  What happens if a parent is in denial, and convinces the worker that there is ‘nothing wrong with the child’, and the parents gets the school teacher to say the same? Trouble is, if the parent is in denial, and then places the child in a regular education school with no supportive services, then the teachers are not trained either. An introverted child who is obviously on the Autism Spectrum (Obvious to a psychologist, that is), will be labeled as ‘well behaved’ to a neurotypical school teacher.

Take this child to any trained expert, and everything will flip 360 degrees. So how indeed, do you ‘take’ a child who is being maltreated, denied services that the Board of Education has mandated, and is clearly not functioning, but nobody is escalating this to an expert? At the end of the day, the child is losing out, and the CPS agency fails yet again to protect the most vulnerable of society; the young children who cannot choose how to better their lives, and hindered by their disabilities to coast through the typical challenges of life.

I did some research on how CPS works with investigations involving children with disabilities. When calling the main abuse hotline, I asked if a case can be escalated to a trained Autism expert, rather than an entry level CPS worker. The answer I got was, “The CPS worker would bring in the expert, should they find it necessary.” Oh, I see. So if the worker knows nothing about this disability even if she were staring it in the face, then she has a right to choose to close the investigation, claiming that she noticed nothing.

I then contacted the local regional office for ACS and asked the Deputy Director the same question. I was given the same answer. So I called the local Department of Education. I asked them, “whose job is it to ensure that the child is getting an appropriate education, and reaching their potential?” After being transferred to a specialist, I was reminded that the Board of Ed cannot force a parent to comply with the recommendations on the IEP. However, because there is a diagnosis on record, and the services in the past did enhance the child’s functioning and academic goals, I was given more resources: I was told to get an attorney and ask for custody, and then ask for a fair hearing and re-evaluation on the child.

Really? That’s what I’ve been asking for over a year. For the exact reasons that I am still asking for today. This is what it looks like when fathers and mothers disagree on a child’s needs. Co-parenting is clearly not the way to go in this scenario. It all comes down to which side can outlawyer the other side. Just like O.J. Simpson… we all know he killed her, it’s just a matter of how far they will go to untangle the evidence.

When you involve an inadequate agency such as Child Protective Services, they will undress the children and check for bruises and then close the investigation. Nothing happens when a parent willfully neglects a child’s right to an education.   If you think you know how to protect these innocent children, let me know!

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