Blow the Whistle, Get Slandered

On this page is listed famous whistleblowers who are being slandered while their kids continue to grow up with their abusive fathers in an environment where they can open any newspaper and read about their “crazy mommy”.

Mothers who have nothing left to lose become tigers in the court system. They will stop at nothing, and rightfully so. A Mama Grizzly will defend her young and put herself in harm’s way until she knows they are safe.

Historically, with the court system, a mother who will defend her young will be retaliated against. The more someone defends themselves, the ‘crazier’ they become in the eyes of them media. Everybody hopes that by slandering them in the media, the mother will shrivel and die. Smother her with the most horrific exposure and she will stop.


Lisa Pennington, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina: Since losing custody, Pennington has launched a campaign against Becky Tin, the Mecklenburg district judge who ruled against her. Following these challenges, Tin recused herself from Pennington’s case, saying she wasn’t sure she could put aside the conduct when making future rulings. Pennington still sees no truth in it. Her children have lost everything, she says, and so has she. “I’m not stopping, and I’m not being quiet,” she says, “until those two little boys are back in their bedrooms.” Read more:


Dr. Amy Neustein, whose only child, Sherry, was forcibly removed from her mother’s home, without the legally required proceedings, in October 1986. Dr. Neustein was barred from all contact with her daughter in 1989. This case has drawn intense media attention for decades, and its outrageous facts have prompted multiple legislative hearings (in New York state and in Congress) and angry comments and letters from legislators. The case’s very prominence has made Dr. Neustein a natural target for fathers’ rights groups and others with something to hide in connection with child sex abuse. Read more on


Louise Uccio was falsely accused, and maliciously prosecuted by the CPS workers who stole custody of her children. Although she sued them in court, and the false “substantiated” case was over turned on July 12, 2006, not only have Ms. Uccio and her children not been reunited there has been no visitation to date. Read More on

4 Responses to Blow the Whistle, Get Slandered

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  2. tracey says:

    my ex partner has used our son with autism to lie to dotors, with the leaghs of being sexually abused to me doing drugs, i have taped my son opening up to me when i finally got a access elderly nieghbour was disgusted that aparent can stoop so low just to keep the dvo power over me..i went to child safety they did nothing like usaul they have the worst reputation going ex clearly refuses me access but has the hekyl&jekil personality and most who first meet him say he s nice then they see the other side of very dangerous calculating man .hes using a child to gain full custody as he nothing on me a clean police record dont do drugs but has got a innocent 9yr old saying other son was nervous as telling me first up.but i reasured my son hes done no wrong .he my son then spoke on other stuff the mungral has got him to say not giving up welfare child safety need to wake up ..most cases they help are when the child dies ..well known im angry i call it child abuse and i loath anyone using children to attack the other parent .

    • Karma Maya Rohmer says:

      I’m so, so, so upset that you and I have to deal with this unbelivable grief, the verbal and abuse were horrible, an I went to jail 4 defending me. Its been a nightmare 5 years later. My 9yr old mildly autistic son who I had diagnosed at 3 is doing well in school but falling so behind in love… I filled another motion for more costody and was sent in reverse by mediator who accused me of being on drugs, looking lathargic, take co-and parenting classes. Not 1 word was mentioned in report on me being sober for 2yrs, or was brought up that I had called police because I could see he was intoxicated, or I had to call police to get my boys on my day because he was upset I didn’t have all HIS child-support…

  3. tracey says:

    my ex partner has used our son to lie to doctors, with the lengths of saying hes been sexually abused to me doing s drugs.I have taped these conversations and taken them to child elderly nieghbour was disgusted that a parent can stoop so low..he my ex has he gaining points to secure full custody welfare have clearly said he safe in both home s i m flat out getting access to my son as my ex uses our son as tool to keep the control a history of dvo,s and he wont stop…im angry that i have clear evidence that he my ex has stooped so low that welfare child safety wont do nothing they have met mr jekyll&hyde ..but havent seen the calculating side like many who had the mis fortune to do so family a fuming at the systym clear evidence that it domestic violence by means of a child .a innocent child to scared to speak up to welfare or anyone he dont know well enough..child safety should have a person who specializes in autism to pick up the signs the cues of child abuse but no they dont ..the only time they do some thing for a child is when the child is dead..they have a bad reputation and they only them selves to blame ..a case went hooribly wrong her two years ago and doc child safety were well aware of the dvo..two young boys died because they did nothing …its still talk of my town ..many people have said they need a huge shake up ..what the use of having them if they cant do their freaking job ..wasting tax payers money even having a child safety ex partner has played the charm on them ..our son has said that the allegation are true in front of his dad..but has clearly said different with me ..a scared boy who cant be honest around vindictive man …he will know have our son dragged through coucillers for lie he made up..i had to clear my name of drug abuse as my work requires a clean police check and drug check ..i loath anyone who uses innocent children to attack the other parent i never did .even given everything that monster did to me and my older two boy s who hate the man..i wont be giving up if i have to go public i will a innocent child wont be used for his games …tracey

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