NY Wall of Shame

This wall is dedicated to judges, lawyers, forensic experts, visitation supervisors, law guardians, and expert witnesses who were liars and evil criminals. Now they are no longer practicing and ruining innocent childrens’ lives with ludicrous orders in NY Family Courts or Supreme Courts. Official contacts for making reports are at the end of this page.

Robin K. Sheares, Brooklyn Family Court Judge was removed from the bench on July 14, 2010 after she sent a mom named Sukhwant Herb to Rikers Island for resisting her idiotic order to have her 9-year-old son visit his father Seon Jonas Sr., a serial rapist who’s serving 27 years in an Arizona prison. Herb was sentenced to a minimum of 50 days and never offered bail.

****Read More: Robin K. Sheares, Brooklyn Family Court Judge was removed from the bench on July 14, 2010

Gerald P. Garson, Brooklyn, Kings County, N.Y.  Democrat Lawyer; Justice of New York Supreme Court, 1998-2003, suspended from State Supreme Court in 2003. Convicted in April 2003 on bribery and misconduct charges, sentenced in June 2007 to three to ten years in prison and lost his law license. In December 2009, after 30 months in prison, he was released for good behavior at the age of 77.

****Read Full Story: NY Supreme Court Matrimonial Judge Gerald P. Garson Sentenced in June 2007 to Prison

Paul Siminovsky, a divorce lawyer in Brooklyn NY Supreme Court who appeared before Judge Gerald P. Garson in divorce cases, was arrested on February 25, 2003. He was sentenced to a year in prison in June 2007 and also lost his license to practice law, and agreed never to apply for reinstatement.

****Read Full Story: Former NY Divorce Attorney Paul Siminovsky sentenced to a year in prison and lost his license to practice law


Make a difference today, contact the officials in charge!

Charles P. Hynes, Brooklyn district attorney
New York City Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-621-HOPE (4673)

Amy Feinstein
Chief Assistant District Attorney

Anne Swern
1st Assistant District Attorney

Lance Ogiste
Counsel to District Attorney

Mary Hughes
Confidential Assistant District Attorney

David Bookstaver,  spokesman for the Office of Court Administration
Mai Yee, Assistant Director
Telephone: (212) 428-2500

Jerry Schmetterer, chief spokesman for Mr. Hynes
(718) 250-2300

5 Responses to NY Wall of Shame

  1. regina mcilvain says:

    I will be back soon but I must share my first impression of this valuable site: gasp! The first name that I saw was Robin Sheares, who judged against me last year in a case that is on-going. Because of that I cannot say more now, but the public needs more transparency at the time when it can save lives of our most important and vulnerable asset: our children.

  2. Alison says:

    Add Judge Wavny Touissant, Kings County Family Court judge to that list. Took custody of an infant girl from mother and gave to abusive father without a hearing. Was summarily transferred from family court after mother appealed her ruling.

  3. Christobal Colon says:


    Regina Mcilvain- If you really want to hear her great legal advice, check out this case Fox 5 released. SHAME SHAME SHAME She takes advantage of the court system.

  4. I have lost my children, eventhough, he has temporary custody. It has been nearly four years since my children have slept at my/ their other home in two and a half years since I recovered from my debilitating Biological Depression. I have and still am treated as though I have committed a terrible crime. My ex-husband dragged me into the court system while I was in so much pain and without a fair warning. I am a great mother and love my two children dearly. I have been financially drained and I grieve the loss of motherhood and the small amount of time my children spend with their loving, depression free mother. When the hearings advanced to a trial, (after more than three years), the first and last time, the judge listened to my ex’s witnessess and not to one of mine; her mind was made up. She granted me one hour a week alone with my children without a supervisor. I will not go back to court anytime soon. I cannot deal with the unfair treatment and court personel who were suppose to tell the truth. They lied and were therefore responsible, (along with my ex-husband) for severely damaging a close loving bond a mother has with her children and her children have with their mother. I need an emotional break from the unfair, dishonest Family Court system in MA. I do not know how I deal with the daily grief I feel every single day. My children were taught not to trust their “unstable” mother with the help of the court and my deceitful ex-husband. I now realize their are many innocent people who are found guilty and are at the mercy of the court system in my state.

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